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My Books .

The Champion Trilogy delves into a world where faith, or lack of it, determines the destiny of Clara, a sword-wielding heroine in this action-adventure fantasy that crosses from one kingdom to the next by ship, land, and Griffin flight. Evil villains and mercenaries face off against allies from various lands. Multiple viewpoint characters share the story, but the focus returns to Clara, the new Champion, whose faith or doubt could change the course of history.

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Champion in the Darkness on Wattpad

My best-selling book (meaning it's the book that sells the most that I've written) is this tiny little collection of more than 500 writing prompts. They are truly tiny prompts, varying from one word to a phrase or two. The introduction is the only "how-to" section. Somehow I gave the e-book and paperback different titles and covers, but they are the exact same book. The journals have the same prompts found in these books, but split into two books with lined pages. I had a bit of a crazy year that year, I think . . . and yet, again, these books are the ones that sell consistent numbers every month, no matter the season. I must have done something right.

A JUMBLE OF 500+ WRITING PROMPTS: More than 500 Writing Prompts by [Martinson, Tyrean]

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My first writing publications were poems published back in 1992. After that, I had an excerpt from a novel published in 2001. In 2009, I had my first short story sale (for real money!). I love writing short stories, poems, and articles. I have a page dedicated to them here, but I also have three collections out.

"Dragonfold" was my first short story sale. In this collection of speculative fiction and poetry Dragonfold and Other Adventures, readers can find some of my earliest work. 

Years ago, my daughters both went to every audition they could find in our local area for acting. Finally, they got a part in a local Youtube series: Ghost Sniffers, Inc. Shortly after filming, the producer asked me if I would write a novella for one of the episodes. I said yes. I researched the show, the characters, and I had a script on hand, but I was also asked to create an entirely new B-plot. So, from a 30 page script, a 20 minute episode, and some research into the Puget Sound (near where I live) and selkies, I wrote a new novella. I received feedback and revised it. I didn't hear from the publisher after that. I discovered it on sale at Amazon this year. Somehow, I missed an e-mail? 
Here's the official blurb:

Ghost Sniffers, Inc. is a paranormal investigation firm run by nine-year-old Faith Forge, a little girl whose Type 1 Diabetes gave her the ability to sniff out ghosts. But she’s not the only one with a “trade-off power.” In the fictional world of Ghost Sniffers, Inc., all young people with life-altering medical conditions or disabilities have super powers. United with Forge, these brave investigators solve mysteries that are serious and silly, wacky and witty. A lighthouse keeper's love might be a selkie, so Forge calls on Maxo, Spark, Skully, Gogo, and Captain Snakes to help. But a shocking turn of events leads to the biggest cliffhanger of the season. Based on Season 1, Episode 5 of Ghost Sniffers, Inc., the television and web series where the actors’ real-life disabilities become super abilities, Eight If By Sea is a novelization with a twist written by Tyrean Martinson and approved by the show’s creator, Jennifer DiMarco. You’ll find every scene from the original episode and many, many more! Discover the back stories, epic details and side quests that weren’t included in the show in this enhanced adventure.

The Ashes Burn Micro-Fiction Series is my idea of creative, experimental, fun writing.
Each "season" has aired or will air on a blog dedicated to the series, and some episodes may air in the future on facebook and/or Wattpad.
Ashes hold the inner heat of fire, the spark and ember of flame. Like those, micro fiction holds the spark of a larger story that may grow inside the mind of a reader. Consider each piece a frame of embers. Picture the story in your mind.

In Ashes Burn, three characters build the flame of story in tidbits of hint to micro-length fiction, varying between 20 and 35 words in length.
Wend's past is behind him, and he wants to keep it that way.
Teresa wants to find the man she loves, before those that hunt him track him to his death.
King Bryant simply wants the right of any king: complete control.

Season 1 is FREE everywhere (unless zon kicks it up) 
Season 2 and 3 are free everywhere but kindle. (I tried, but it kept kicking the price back up.)

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The following short stories are in e-book format and #FREE

Dunnie has a secret: a power inside him that's gone wrong in the past. When it's time to introduce himself to a new teacher, what will he say? And, will his classmates ever accept the truth? 
"Seedling" is a flash fiction story, originally published at Brilliant Flash Fiction.
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Is Elayn looking for the perfect picture, or the perfect guy? She isn't too sure herself. When she agrees to meet another photographer whose work she admires, will she find a picture worthy moment, or will she make a fool of herself like usual?
"The Bridge Snap" was originally published in Sunday Snaps: The Stories.
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Lane has readers to appease and stories to write, but she misses her family. Can she step away from the keyboard long enough to reconnect or is it too late? 
"Story Addict" is a short science fiction tale.
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Jeanie wanted to see the Pacific Ocean. Her parents wanted the perfect family road trip. Her brother just wanted corn chips.
Instead, they found a scene of devastation.
"Waterslide at the End of the World" was originally short-listed as "The Biggest Waterslide" in a Brilliant Flash Fiction contest.
This e-book contains a new story, "Deal with the Devil" that takes place ten years later.
Is survival worth the cost?
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Nisa is having a bad enough day already when she runs into James. 
Should she help her old friend who doesn't talk to her anymore, or just walk away?
"When Okay is Enough" was originally published at Brilliant Flash Fiction.
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